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Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner

Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner

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Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner

Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner

Regular price $24.97
Regular price $24.97 Sale price
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Revitalize your gear and equipment with Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner. Experience the power of a cleaner that not only removes dirt but also unlocks peak performance and longevity!

"Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner is a game-changer! It breathed new life into my aging electronics, optimizing their performance. It's not just a cleaner; it's like a magic wand for gadgets. Plus, its eco-friendly formula is a bonus. Highly recommended!" - Paul Johnson, Florida

"I'm a DIY enthusiast, and Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner is my secret weapon. It's versatile, safe, and truly effective. Everything I've cleaned with it works like new. A must-have for tech lovers and tinkerers." - Diane Weise, Canada

What happens when a car catalyst is bad?

If you're noticing sluggish engine performance, reduced acceleration, a smell of rotten eggs or sulfur from the exhaust, dark exhaust smoke, or extreme heat coming from under the vehicle, these are symptoms of a clogged Catalytic Converter, and it should be cleaned & repaired immediately.

Boost Up Your Catalytic Converter with our Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner!

Ceoerty™ PROTech is a superior chemical formulation that safely and effectively cleans and repairs your vehicle's catalytic converter. Its chemical reaction removes harmful soot deposits in the catalytic converter, improving overall engine performance and fuel economy. With regular use, your vehicle will run at peak performance - giving you fuel efficiency & saves you from maintenance and other vehicle parts.

More reviews from satisfied customers:

"Efficient and eco-conscious, Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner is a product I trust. It cleaned my tools, appliances, and even my car engine, and the results are remarkable. My equipment runs smoother, and I feel good about using a green solution." - Patrick Hughes

"Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner has made a noticeable difference in my life. It's simplified maintenance for my gear, saving me time and money. Knowing it's eco-friendly adds to the appeal. I won't go back to regular cleaners after this experience." - Shawn Brown

Special Features of Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner:

✓ LOWER EMISSIONS: can reduce total hydrocarbon emissions by up to 50 percent.

✓ IMPROVED ENGINE PERFORMANCE: Helps clean the fuel injection system and cylinders, improving overall performance.

✓ REDUCES FUEL CONSUMPTION AND ODOR: In addition to reducing fuel consumption, it also eliminates the unpleasant odor that the car develops over time.

✓ PROTECTING THE ENGINE: Proper fuel and exhaust flow keeps the engine cleaner, quieter and better and reduces maintenance costs.

✓ CLEANSE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM: can also clean other parts such as the lambda sensor, injectors, cylinder heads and more.

✓ EASY CLEANING: Simply pour the product into the fuel tank.

✓ SAFE for gasoline, diesel, hybrid and flex fuel vehicles; does not change the fuel. Not for use in 2-stroke or oil/gas mixture engines.

How to use:

  1. Unscrew the lid and tear off the seal.
  2. Fill into the oil tank.
  3. Please refill the product when the remaining quarter of fuel is used up. After the vehicle has driven approximately 30-50 km, fill the fuel tank.

Product details:  

1 x Ceoerty™ PROTech Catalyst Boost Cleaner (120 ml)

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