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Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection

Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection

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Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection

Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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According to the latest forecast from the International Meteorological Office, after 7 October 2023, we will experience the coldest extreme weather in nearly three decades, with conditions lasting for more than three months. Globally, winter snow and ice storms will be in the spotlight.

Let's take a look at what significant changes have occurred to homes and vehicles in our pilot communities.

Severe cold temperatures and blizzard conditions make movement difficult. Houses face the following problems in extreme weather conditions: roofs collapse due to excessive snow, pipes freeze and cause water leaks inside, damaged electrical wiring leads to power outages, heating failures lead to drastic drops in indoor temperatures, and even snow and ice slides damage neighbouring facilities and vehicles, with handlebars frozen, windscreens covered in snow, and even vehicles buried in 1.3 metres of snow.

2023's latest solution to keep your vehicles and homes from being trapped in ice and snow - the secret of Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection.

NASA's latest findings

The surface temperature on Mars ranges from minus 20 degrees to plus 80 degrees, posing a risk of freezing for the Perseverance rover. However, thanks to NASA's Frost protection technology, the Perseverance rover is ensured to withstand extreme conditions without succumbing to ice and snow. Now, this space technology has overcome mass production challenges and entered the civilian market, aiming to address everyday ice and snow problems.

The core technology of Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection

By harnessing electromagnetic energy within a composite frequency range, it can effectively stimulate the molecular movement of ice and snow in contact with buildings, making it more active and rapidly melting ice and snow on surfaces of homes and cars. Furthermore, due to the subtle influence of this unique composite frequency range on the movement of water molecules, it poses no adverse effects on building materials or human health.

Additionally, a serendipitous discovery in the laboratory introduced a concept known as 'active electrons,' which can loosen the molecular structure of water, making it less prone to freezing at low temperatures. This ensures that homes and vehicles remain ice-free in cold environments, offering great convenience to people's lives.

Efficient Pest Control: Ceoerty™ MagGuar utilizes electromagnetic wave technology to effectively prevent the breeding of pests.

Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection emits electromagnetic waves during its operation, effectively disrupting pests and driving them away. The electromagnetic device sends electromagnetic pulses through the electrical wiring within the walls of your home, creating an inhospitable environment that forces pests to gather and leave. Intermittent emission of ultrasonic waves makes pests uncomfortable, prompting them to flee areas affected by the ultrasonic waves. At the same time, it poses no harm to target animals or human health and does not result in chemical residues or pollution.

Your Automotive Companion: Compatible with various car models, Ceoerty™ MagGuar transforms into a stylish automotive accessory.

Whether it's a luxury sedan, rugged SUV, or budget-friendly compact car, this defroster seamlessly integrates into your vehicle, adding a touch of refinement. Its design details and sleek lines complement the modern aesthetics of today's vehicles.

After using Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection, customers' lives have undergone significant changes.

"I purchased Ceoerty™ MagGuar just in time for the first heavy snowfall in my hometown of Boston. Our house was already covered in thick ice, and the windows were frozen shut. We were worried about the roof collapsing due to a previous accident. Snow removal was exhausting, taking hours each time.This thermostat protector effortlessly melted all the ice, leaving no annoying patches. Highly recommended!"

— Jordan Jones, Boston

"Before, I had to shovel snow from my doorstep and walkway every morning, which was time-consuming and physically taxing. It was almost impossible for someone as busy as me. This thermostat protector has been a game-changer. With a simple push, it quickly clears the snow in front of my door, and its practical design is hassle-free and safe. I highly recommend it to those who dislike shoveling snow in winter."

— Kathy Stone, London 

What makes Ceoerty™ MagGuar EMI Frost Protection Thermostat Protection the user's top choice?

  • Innovative Technology: NASA-approved aerospace tech for reliability.
  • Electromagnetic Compatibility: No device interference or brain impact.
  • Efficient Deicing: Quick deicing for all ice sizes.
  • Intelligent Energy Management: Auto temp detection, energy-saving.
  • Safe and Non-Toxic: No harm to humans or pets.
  • Long-Lasting Durability: High-quality materials for consistency.
  • Easy Installation: Simple design, easy to install, no need for specialised technicians.
  • Real-Time Monitoring: Built-in temp monitoring for status updates.
  • Eco-Friendly and Efficient: Low energy use, green living.
  • Multiple Protections: Comprehensive device security.
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