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Ceoerty™ CareFree Pet GPS Wireless Tracker

Ceoerty™ CareFree Pet GPS Wireless Tracker

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Ceoerty™ CareFree Pet GPS Wireless Tracker

Ceoerty™ CareFree Pet GPS Wireless Tracker

Regular price $19.97
Regular price $19.97 Sale price
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In this busy and ever-changing world, our pets and valuables are often at unpredictable risk. The fear and anxiety of losing them can make every day full of challenges. Now, imagine if there was a way to know their exact location at all times. This is no longer just imagination, as we bring you a solution — an advanced GPS locator designed specifically for tracking pets and important items, making your life more secure and convenient.

Anywhere, anytime, global tracking — GPS technology.

No matter where your pets or valuables are, high-precision positioning ensures you always know their exact location. Everything is under control, safe and worry-free. Choose our GPS locator for a simple and reliable search every time.

New Features:

Welcome the new upgrade — your pet's guardian angel, never lost again! Equipped with bidirectional Bluetooth tracking, just within a range of 10 to 15 meters, a button press makes the tracker emit sound, easily pinpointing your beloved pet's location. Out of range? No worries! Your phone will receive a ringing or flash notification, instantly alerting you if your pet is lost. Seize every moment, ensure your pet's safety, all in your hands. Experience it now, and keep every step of your pet under your protection.

Product Features:

  • GPS Full Range Positioning: Achieve comprehensive positioning and tracking anywhere, anytime.
  • Bidirectional Bluetooth Tracking: Easy Bluetooth positioning within 10 to 15 meters.
  • Instant Alert System: Immediate notification when out of the safe range.
  • Simple Operation: One-button sound emission, quickly find items.
  • Broad Applicability: Suitable for pets, keys, wallets, and other various items.
  • Long Standby: Low energy consumption design, durable and reliable.

Easy Operation:

  • 1. Scan the QR code: Find the QR code on the product manual, use your phone to scan and get the app download link.
  • 2. Download and Install: Click the link, download, and install the dedicated app.
  • 3. Activate the Tracker: Press and hold the button on the tracker until you hear a beep sound and see the signal light flashing.
  • 4. Connect the Device: Open the app and follow the instructions to establish a connection with the tracker.
  • 5. Start Tracking: Once connected, you can track in real-time through the app.

Product Specifications:
Color: Black/White/Pink/Green/Blue
Size: 2.04 inches x 1.22 inches x 0.43 inches
Bluetooth Version: 4.0
Battery: CR2032 lithium coin battery, providing up to 3-6 months of standby time

Package Contents:
1× Ceoerty™ CareFree Pet GPS Wireless Tracker (battery included and replaceable)
1× Product Manual

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