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Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight

Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight

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Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight

Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight

Regular price $29.97
Regular price $29.97 Sale price
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Proudly introducing America's #1 personal safety alarm. This mini device comes with an ultra-loud alarm to deter attackers and ensure the safety of you and your family. Widely regarded as the best personal defense alarm product suitable for men and women of all ages. Stay safe with the Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight! 

Some experiences from satisfied customers:

"After coming out from a late-night party, I often walked alone in the dark. A man dressed in black started following me and tried to get closer, as I could hear his footsteps. Frightened, I pulled the alarm on my bag, producing a loud sound. A dog nearby started barking fiercely. Seizing the opportunity, I ran quickly and escaped the threat. The Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight protected me. I wish every girl had one."

- Sophia, New York

“Recently, I had a terrible experience that reminded me of the importance of this device. I'm 67 and have had a few harrowing moments in my life when I could've used something like this. One time, when I was alone at home, I suddenly fell due to high blood pressure. I found this alarm keychain next to me and pulled it. Its loud sound attracted my neighbor, who then called an ambulance. Thanks to my neighbor and the Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight, I'm okay."

- Michael, San Francisco

"Whenever I go out, I always keep this device at hand. Many people target individuals in parking lots, busy arms, or those with full shopping carts, fumbling for keys, distracted by thoughts, and so on. It easily attaches to keys, hands, belts, and more. Just a pull emits a piercing sound. Most opportunistic thieves don't want that kind of attention. This sound will definitely get noticed. It's a great thing for personal and property safety, and I'm planning to get some for my family members!"

- Olivia, Houston

Why build Ceoerty™ 130DB Self-defense Alarm with Double LED Flashlight?

The world can be a dangerous place, with vulnerable groups potentially being targeted and in need of assistance. Boost your safety and feel more secure with the Ceoerty™ alarm! Despite its small size, it emits a loud 130dB sound designed to scare off attackers and alert others to emergencies. Wherever you go, bring safety with you!

For the Elderly

An SOS device tailored for the elderly. It draws attention when you require medical assistance or aid - something especially critical for older adults. Carry this personal alarm with you and use it when urgent help is needed.

For Women

Women, being one of the vulnerable groups in society, can inevitably face dangers such as sexual assault, robbery, domestic violence, or being followed by strangers. At times like these, you need our product. Activate the alarm for assistance, ensuring your personal safety. It's a worthwhile investment as a deterrent against potential threats, drawing attention and warding off attackers in dangerous situations.

For Children

For kids who return home amidst crowds, a personal alarm is invaluable. It helps prevent them from being led away by strangers, guarding against potential abductions.

Key Features:


130 Decibel Safety Emergency Alarm: In times of danger, this piercing sound can attract attention even from 300 yards away, making it easy to call for help. It can emit a continuous sound for up to 90 minutes, ensuring its availability for emergencies. Ideal for the elderly in case of falls, women encountering threats at night, medical emergencies, accidents, or allergic reactions.

Ultra-Durable and High Quality: This portable personal alarm is made of high-quality, eco-friendly, durable ABS plastic. It's resistant to falls, pressure, voltage, and high temperatures. It remains intact even under the most adverse conditions.


LED Emergency Flashlight: Its bulb is bigger and brighter than traditional safety alarm flashlights, with an extended standby duration.

High Power: This alarm is equipped with 3 AG13/LR44 batteries, extending its lifespan! The AG13/LR44 batteries are the secret behind the alarm's painful loudness. Moreover, it can be directly charged using a USB cable, taking only 30 minutes for a standby time of one year.


Versatile: Quickly get the help you need. Suitable for students, the elderly, children, women, night-time workers, and people of all ages; you can also use them for traveling, hiking, camping, night-time dog walks, and illumination.


Easy to Carry and Use: The safety alarm keychain is portable-sized, easy to store and carry. It can be attached to handbags, backpacks, school bags, belt loops, suitcases, keys, dog leashes, and more. You can even bring it on a plane.

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